Friday, January 6, 2012

Skincare Tips for the New Year!

Skincare Tips for the New Year! by Gia


  1. Yes! It's the 1st post of the New Year! :-) I'm back! Let's start a conversation...

  2. Gia,
    I stress out over work a bit & I have an intense workout regime.I have oily skin. I would really love any remedy and/or product that you can recommend to me that is as natural & organic as possible! I cannot seem to get rid of black heads from around my lips and chin.
    Thank you

  3. I can completely relate to stress... The chin area tends to be an area that blackheads seems to love. My advice would be to get a tool called a Comedone Extractor (Can be purchased at any drugstore)It removes blackheads with ease without using your fingers. Also clean your phone because a lot of bacteria & dirt can cause breakout.I also use Detox Mask because it acts a vacuum to draw blackheads to the surface! I hope this helps! Thanks for your comment! <=== Detox Mask link