Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Impressions

They say you only get one chance ... Right? 
I just received the second e-mail this month with my name spelled incorrectly and the first letter without a capital - like this > gina , when it should look like this > Gia - I don't know if this happens to you, but it's makes me feel as though I don't matter or you didn't take the time out to get it right!

 I get solicitations all the time for events to be a part of and I give my time as well as donations towards organization's that are dear  to my heart which I'm thankful to have the opportunity. 
My point is this... if you want to make a great First Impression make sure that you do your homework about the person whom you would like to do business with because that will at the very least give a sense of  being Genuine. 
I'm not talking about a fast tweet or a facebook post because we are only human and I've done that myself especially when it comes to touch phones and my over 40 eyes! 

I am a firm believer in paying close attention to detail and that is why I've learned that when you hire someone to do a job that should include dotting the i's and crossing t's if you know what I mean... 

What do you think?  

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