Thursday, June 7, 2012


You've heard this question before... 
If you had to decide which make-up product you can't live without... what would it be? 
I always think of Lipstick! 

Here's why: My thoughts 

Lipstick always makes a statement! 
Most Women speakers will always wear a darker bolder color because when you're speaking, most people will pay attention to what you have to say which gives " Lip Service " a whole new meaning! 

Lipstick will protect your lips as well as make a fashion statement or give you a sense of style. 

Lipstick puts a complete finishing touch to your look! That's why you always save the best for last! 

Lipstick is sexy and if you add a touch  Lip Gloss... it even gets hotter!    

Lipstick can be matched with Nail Color & Clothes! 

Lipstick can add Moisture to your Lips!  You can't say that about your eyeliner! :D 

In closing...
Lipstick has been the name of a movie, has been named in songs, is the ultimate cosmetic product associated with Women.

*** It has been said that when the Titanic was sinking... Most of the Women applied their Lipstick as a final farewell of Dignity and Remembrance.

So whatever your favorite shade ( Mine is Classic Red ) Here's to all Women that OWN their Look! 
Let's Pucker up! xoxo

Love & Kisses