Friday, February 17, 2012

Beauty Begins at the Brow ~

When I first started my Career in Beauty... 
I was a Hair Stylist and I would always start any haircut with the focus on the face as well as the condition, color of hair and the personal style of the client I was working on...
 Some stylist's in this business have some of the biggest ego's I've ever come across and they may already have something to say about what I'm blogging about because we live in such a judgemental world now that everyone have an opinion on something { Eyebrows Raised }

The reason I would  always start my attention on the FACE is because when you get a haircut/style it's for the soul purpose to draw attention to the face!  Think about it? 
On the other hand... where do you first look at someone? 
The " Eyes" of course that's where you make a connection. 

When you think of a Beautiful Portrait on a wall... you also look at the frame and that's why I look at Eyebrows as the " Frame of the Face"  
Can you imagine if we didn't have eyebrows?  When you think about it... eyebrows can make or break a look and/ or above all give us all the expression in our face.

When I left the Hair world, I decided that I've got to get into Make-up so bad because it was just in my blood and just as an Artist has a blank Canvas... I decided this was my next calling and left NY ~ Where can I be Glamorous?  Viva Las Vegas! and... away I went  :-) 20+ yrs ago LOL 
I loved to create and accentuate different make-up looks but the #1 focus of inspiration when I start to work is always on the eyebrows because " Beauty begins at the Brows "
Brows up!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mmmm... Red Velvet Mask

It will look and smell so good you will not only want to put it on your face, you may even want to eat it! 

This is a Do- it -Yourself Facial Mask you can do at home: Red Velvet Mask  

You will need a Food processor or Blender to blend all ingredients together.

  1. 1/4 Cup of Fresh Organic Raspberries 
  2. 1 Tablespoon Manuka or Raw Local Honey
  3. 1 Teaspoon of powdered Cocoa 
  4. 1-2 Tablespoons Organic Almond Milk    

Blend all  the ingredients until it becomes a smooth velvety consistency.

Apply your mask from a bowl with either an applicator or facial brush making sure you avoid the eye area. 

Leave on 10 minutes and simply Breathe and Relax ~

With the amazing power of  antioxidants from the raspberries and the medicinal antibacterial healing qualities from the honey this is the ideal indulging mask without any calories!