Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shine Bright like a Diamond

A girl has to have a dream... Right? 

I started my Business Gia Skincare over 2 years ago... but I have been starting to re-think if all this was worth starting in the first place? Please don't get me wrong, I feel grateful that I even had the opportunity and support to start my business which has come so far to this point. You see... I've  learned that regardless if you have Quality Products, Proven Ingredients and even a great Story to sell a Brand, it all comes down to one thing... Yes - You guessed it $$$$ 
Can you say MONOPOLY 

Since I  ( +Gia Marie ) started +Gia Skincare I've been pretty proud of myself... I did get the interest of QVC - which was an honor and very encouraging until I found I out I had to supply very expensive Bio-testing on my products in order to go to the next level which is part of the Legal Contract. Believe me ... you have no idea how much this costs and no guarantees that my product would hit was even more than a bit risky. 

You're going to Hollywood! Well... The Ricki Lake Show !
How exciting to be invited to meet up with wonderful people I had been tweeting with for over a year! Having Ricki Lake give me a Hug and mentioned GiaSkincare  was Priceless! As much as I wish this moved My Company Leaps & Bounds - It did get me a lot of Website traffic & some New loyal Customers which I'm forever grateful. 

Times Square Baby!!!
Your Brand Logo/Website during Fashion Week 2013!!! Wow!!! 
That's what she said... Well you get a Flash = A New York Second and You can have All this for $$$$ 
I was flattered and honored to have this opportunity - Now before you go spending other peoples money ... Why are you Not doing this???  I decided for this kind of money it really wasn't in my best interest because it may give me Kudos, but reaching out to actual Customers would be very unrealistic in a blink of an eye! In reality you could hash tag a tweet and reach more of an audience. 

Most people don't even realize that when you walk into a Cosmetic Department that most of the Brands are owned by one Corporation. My Point being - Between All the Beauty Products in the Marketplace... Don't be surprised that one Company is holding the Umbrella?
I continue to have sales on my Website, Host Spa Parties and of course provide Spa Services for my Beautiful Clients. I enjoy what I do but I feel it may be time for a change... 

If you are an Investor, one who holds the umbrella or believe I may benefit You in some way --- 
Well this may be Crazy but here's my Number 800.585.6405
So Call me Maybe? 

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Gia Skincare