Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspiring Connections

It was an honor to speak with my Friends +Marty McPadden & +Misty McPadden on their New Show
PodJamTV !!! Check them out!!!
I hope I've Enlighten you with tips on starting a business and some of the challenges I have Faced.
Thanks for watching!!!
All the Best to You!!!
Gia xoxo

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lets Have a Spa Party!!!  

Shhhhhh.... it's Top Secret with our Friends at
                             LA Girl Secrets     
Why not give a little Valentines  Love to Yourself... 
Invite your Girlfriends over for a night of Spa Treatments, Fun Conversation and most of all...  Friendship! 

What You'll Need:  
Pick a night that you can all get together... Its a Date!
Bring a Must have Cocktail or Mocktail to try...  
Bring your Comfy Pajamas or Lounge around Clothes... 
Bring your Smile and your Positive Attitude to have Fun!
Bring your Dreams, Ideas, Inspiration and Love for Friends! 
And... Of Course your Favorite Beauty Treatments! 

May we Suggest... Gia Skincare
A Professional Spa Skincare line Developed by a Licensed Skin Specialist that understands the need for Products that are Proven to Work, Feel Amazing and Protect your Skin! 

Exclusive offer for You... Come visit LA Girl Secrets Facebook  and Follow Gia Skincare Twitter and we will randomly Select a Winner to Receive a FREE Favorite Product of +Gia Skincare 
On Valentines Day 2/14/13 !!! 
Also... If you go to the Website Gia Skincare you will receive a Special Discount for our Special Girlfriends... 
Apply the Promo code LAGIRL at Checkout to Receive $15.00 Off Total Order!!!
Wow!!! It's a Nice way to try New Products... exp 3/9/13 

Don't Forget! 
Thank the Hostess of your Spa Party 
Be a Friend and Most of All... Relax because... 
" Life is Meant to be Enjoyed... So go have Some Fun! " 
Gia xoxo  


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shine Bright like a Diamond

A girl has to have a dream... Right? 

I started my Business Gia Skincare over 2 years ago... but I have been starting to re-think if all this was worth starting in the first place? Please don't get me wrong, I feel grateful that I even had the opportunity and support to start my business which has come so far to this point. You see... I've  learned that regardless if you have Quality Products, Proven Ingredients and even a great Story to sell a Brand, it all comes down to one thing... Yes - You guessed it $$$$ 
Can you say MONOPOLY 

Since I  ( +Gia Marie ) started +Gia Skincare I've been pretty proud of myself... I did get the interest of QVC - which was an honor and very encouraging until I found I out I had to supply very expensive Bio-testing on my products in order to go to the next level which is part of the Legal Contract. Believe me ... you have no idea how much this costs and no guarantees that my product would hit was even more than a bit risky. 

You're going to Hollywood! Well... The Ricki Lake Show !
How exciting to be invited to meet up with wonderful people I had been tweeting with for over a year! Having Ricki Lake give me a Hug and mentioned GiaSkincare  was Priceless! As much as I wish this moved My Company Leaps & Bounds - It did get me a lot of Website traffic & some New loyal Customers which I'm forever grateful. 

Times Square Baby!!!
Your Brand Logo/Website during Fashion Week 2013!!! Wow!!! 
That's what she said... Well you get a Flash = A New York Second and You can have All this for $$$$ 
I was flattered and honored to have this opportunity - Now before you go spending other peoples money ... Why are you Not doing this???  I decided for this kind of money it really wasn't in my best interest because it may give me Kudos, but reaching out to actual Customers would be very unrealistic in a blink of an eye! In reality you could hash tag a tweet and reach more of an audience. 

Most people don't even realize that when you walk into a Cosmetic Department that most of the Brands are owned by one Corporation. My Point being - Between All the Beauty Products in the Marketplace... Don't be surprised that one Company is holding the Umbrella?
I continue to have sales on my Website, Host Spa Parties and of course provide Spa Services for my Beautiful Clients. I enjoy what I do but I feel it may be time for a change... 

If you are an Investor, one who holds the umbrella or believe I may benefit You in some way --- 
Well this may be Crazy but here's my Number 800.585.6405
So Call me Maybe? 

Valentines Day Promotion  20% off  Total Order when you Apply LOVE  at Checkout for Savings!!! exp. 2/15/13 
Gia Skincare

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cucumber Crazy! 1- 2 - 3 Go!

                                     CUCUMBER CRAZY 1- 2- 3- Go!!!

 Cucumbers will Treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes 
Cucumbers have been shown to reduce Dark Circles - Puffiness by their unique Antioxidants and high content of Vitamin K. Cucumbers have mild diuretic properties they will reduce puffiness, address the look of dark circles leaving the skin around the eye area with a soothing therapeutic feeling.

Improve your Overall Facial Complexion 
Use as a Facial Mask it will leave your skin Glowing Soft and Hydrated!
- Quick Mask Ingredients
1/2 cup  Organic Cucumber ( Seeds taken out )
3 Tablespoons Organic Plain Yogurt
1 Teaspoon Raw Local Honey
Mix in Food Processor or Blender until smooth consistency.
Apply for 10-15 Minutes
Relax and Remove with Cool Water.

Eat Them! 
Cucumbers hydrate the body Eliminating Toxins, they are a rich source of Vitamins, combats Bad Breath, Aids in Weight loss and helps to Lower Blood Pressure.
What's not to Love!!!

Easy Spa Water to keep in the Refrigerator -
Use Glass Container only
Thinly sliced  Organic Lemons, Oranges and Cucumbers
 Use Filtered water only
Combined Filtered Water Lemons, Oranges and Cucumbers in Glass Pitcher.

Gia xoxo

Thursday, June 7, 2012


You've heard this question before... 
If you had to decide which make-up product you can't live without... what would it be? 
I always think of Lipstick! 

Here's why: My thoughts 

Lipstick always makes a statement! 
Most Women speakers will always wear a darker bolder color because when you're speaking, most people will pay attention to what you have to say which gives " Lip Service " a whole new meaning! 

Lipstick will protect your lips as well as make a fashion statement or give you a sense of style. 

Lipstick puts a complete finishing touch to your look! That's why you always save the best for last! 

Lipstick is sexy and if you add a touch  Lip Gloss... it even gets hotter!    

Lipstick can be matched with Nail Color & Clothes! 

Lipstick can add Moisture to your Lips!  You can't say that about your eyeliner! :D 

In closing...
Lipstick has been the name of a movie, has been named in songs, is the ultimate cosmetic product associated with Women.

*** It has been said that when the Titanic was sinking... Most of the Women applied their Lipstick as a final farewell of Dignity and Remembrance.

So whatever your favorite shade ( Mine is Classic Red ) Here's to all Women that OWN their Look! 
Let's Pucker up! xoxo

Love & Kisses